So Tonight That I Might See

Revitalizing Mazzy Star's "So Tonight That I Might See" from the 90s presented an opportunity to blend nostalgia with a contemporary vision. While respecting the authenticity of the original cover, I wanted to transcend its dated aesthetic


This redesign aimed to reimagine the album's shape, color palette, and typography, crafting a visual identity that resonates with the dreamy and hypnotic essence of the music.

   Sketching and Process

I explored the patterns inherent in the original design, contemplating how they could be creatively reimagined. This stage involved experimentation with shapes, experimenting with new possibilities to infuse a fresh and dynamic perspective into the album's visual identity

Title Lettering

Exploration of conveying Mazzy's evocative voice through modernized typography. I aimed to encapsulate the timeless essence of the music, illustrating how it resonates across generations while infusing a contemporary and expressive touch into the album's title