MyChart App Revamp

(in collaboration with Elizabeth Bonbright,
Nicole Prior, & Maggie Weaver)

Collaborative project in revamping and creating Figma prototypes for the MyChart app

App Visual Analysis

Exploration to identify MyChart’s strengths & weaknesses, which shed light on existing opportunities for improvement, as well as areas for strategic redesign, addressing both visual & practical aspects for enhanced user experience

User Personas

Emphasizing inclusivity, our focus extended to younger demographics who might find the current interface intimidating. as well as the significance of clear language & graphics to cater to the needs of older demographics, ensuring an accessible user experience across diverse age groups


This exploration guided the development of a design strategy that integrates usability and aesthetic appeal.

Concept Direction

The chosen aesthetic (Option A) caters to users of all generations. This concept direction reflects a strategic balance between modern aesthetics and user-friendly design for a broad audience

Color Experimentation

Color scheme not only facilitates intentional navigation but also plays a crucial role in establishing a professional identity within the medical field

Final Style Guide

Final Screens